My Random Poetry

To be updated whenever I come up with a new idea for a poem.

My Random Poetry

Nora Rudmann


She’s walking through the halls

Like a wisp

But no one notices her

She floats above the ground

On a sea of clouds

But no one cares for her

Her eyes are glazed over

With fear

But no one wishes to talk to her

Tears fall from her

Death-stricken face

But no one asks her what’s wrong

She begins to disappear.

Because who is a person

If no one remembers their name?



The puddle was pink.




The puddle was cloudy.


Tie-dyed perfection.

Suddenly the pinkness and the goldness and the cloudy goodness disappeared

and was replaced by a gloomy blueness,

speckled with glittering white.




Run from the world

And the life you

Wanted to pursue

But just couldn’t bring

Yourself to strive for.

Run from the

Bullies and the

People who jeered every day

Who beat you

Down and never tried

To help you up.

Run from your family

Who always

But never encouraged you

Because you

Never told them that

You didn’t want to

Do what Dad did,

So the pressure


Because, as

Everyone knows,

Why face your

Problems when you can just

Run from them?