Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr.: Behind The Scenes

12/1/2017 – 20171201_SGMS School House Rock, ©2017 Jacqui South Photography

Nora Rudmann

Ever wondered how this fall’s musical, “Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr.” was put together? Well, look no further for the inside scoop of this year’s show.

Auditions were held in October, and almost thirty students were cast, with six principles (main roles), a dance ensemble, and a regular ensemble. The show was directed by Health teacher Mrs. Jaskolski (Mrs. J) with help from Science teacher Ms. Mah. At the beginning, rehearsals were held about twice a week, depending on who you were, but by the third week practice was almost every day.

The show included two acts and 11 total songs, and with only about two months to practice, the Drama team only got to learn each song once and then got to practice the songs they had learned at the later dress rehearsals. “It was a really tight turnaround,” said Mrs. J when asked about her opinions on the scheduling, “but it was a really talented group of kids, and for some reason…in the end, the kids always pull it together!”

We interviewed 3 people who saw the show and 3 drama students about their opinions on Schoolhouse Rock and what they knew about it. Here’s our questions and their responses:

Audience Members

Timberwolf Times: What was your favorite song?

Elias Nelson: Probably the Conjunction Junction one. I found it to be quite interesting alongside the dancing.

Emalie Jaramillo: The first song (A Noun Is A Person Place Or Thing) because it was fun.

Amiyah Winters: I think my favorite song was Interjections because it was catchy and funny!

TT: What was your favorite dance?

EN: Yet again, Conjunction Junction.

EJ: Unpack Your Adjectives because my friends were in it.

AW: Adjectives because their dance was really original.

TT: Had you ever heard any of the Schoolhouse Rock songs before?

EN: Yes, I believe that I’ve seen many of these in prior years.

EJ: No.

AW: Yes: Interjections, Adjectives, and the Preamble.

Drama Students

Timberwolf Times: What was your favorite song?

Ava Slade: Conjunction Junction because it was groovy!

Bianca Melendez: Circulation because it was really upbeat and fun.

Daniela Martinez: Elbow Room ’cause it was catchy and I got to dance.

TT: What was your favorite dance?

AS: Unpack Your Adjectives because it was really cheesy!

BM: Unpack Your Adjectives. It was really cheesy.

DM: Interjections because it was the finale and it was energetic.

TT: Had you ever heard any Schoolhouse Rock songs before?

AS: Yes! Interplanet Janet, Just A Bill, and The Preamble.

BM: Yep.

DM: I heard Conjunction Junction and Interplanet Janet.

But now let’s talk about what you’ve really been wanting to know: what happened before the show? I’m here to tell you just that.

As the cast arrived, they lined up to have their stage makeup done–even the boys! This just helps the audience see your face under the bright stage lights. Then the boys headed to their dressing area and the girls headed to theirs, where everyone changed into their show shirts and jeans. The people who needed microphones headed to the sound station in the back of the cafeteria, and mic checks proceeded. Once the microphone checks were done, everyone headed to the music room for vocal warm-ups and to “pass the squeeze” by making a circle, holding hands, and squeezing the person to your right who in turn squeezes the person to their right. Then, everyone crowded around the TV backstage–we can see everything on-stage from backstage thanks to the video crew–until “places” was called. And the show began!

Thanks for reading. If you’re interested in Drama, make sure to audition for one of our shows! They’re a lot of fun!