Geography Bee


2018 Geography Bee Winners

What is it?
The geography bee is a contest for kids to see how much they know about geography. This is sponsored by national geographic. This contest was to inspire children all over the world.

How long has the school been doing this?
The school has been doing this for seventeen years, despite the fact we missed one year; many students here have had a better understanding of themselves.

What do students think about this?

We asked some of the participants some questions, about the geography bee and here are the q&a.

Priya Latchana, Nora Rudmann, David Oliver

Why do you think the geography bee was created?

To learn about the world and challenge our-shelf.

To teach kids about the world around us.


Did you enjoy participating in this event?

Yes, very much it’s good to challenge and it gives out this really positive-instance feeling; I love it.



Why did you participate?

To push my self and because I had to.

Because I had to.

To challenge myself and because I had to

What did you learn?

Studying really helps when you try and take time to do something.

Geography is really confusing

Stuff about geography

How do you think you did?

Good, … I mean great

I was one of the finalists, so I think I did really good. 😀

I don’t know

If you could do this again would you/ Would you do this again?

I don’t think so, it was more of a one-time thing; I prefer spelling bee’s and it was very complex


Mr. Ferrante answers  the following the questions:

What is it?    A national competition

Who is sponsoring the geography beat?     National Geographic

How/ who can students be involved in this competition?   Every student can and it’s optional, this event happens every year and available for every grade level.

How long have you been doing this event?    Seventeen years not counting one missed year.

How do participants become finalists/ runner-ups?    A win in the class competition, there are 7 ROUNDS! And they have to take a test to qualify then you get invited to the competition.

When is it?    It’s in December (CLASS COMPETITION)

How does the competition work?    Win in the class competition (7 ROUNDS) questions are about countries, STATES, and GENERAL GEOGRAPHY KNOWLEDGE, some are multi-question.

Is there a prize?     YES, you can get a medal, certificate, Walk on stage at the next awards assembly, miss class for competition finals, and earn $50,000 Scholarship if you win.

Do you enjoy doing this event?   YES! It’s fun and challenging.

Have any of your students shocked you, while doing the geography bee?     YES,  in a good way. Many students surprise themselves as well. It’s interesting to see who knows their geographyIt’s a great opportunity for the students.