Book Wars 2017

Book wars is a competition involving many schools where teams of 4-5 students read certain books and then answer questions on them to earn points in one big event. This year, Shady Grove hosted a selection of schools’ teams. Teams from Hover Middle School, Gaithersburg Middle School, Forest Oak Middle School, and Redland Middle School were hosted in our school’s media center. During almost the entire day, teams fought head to head for the highest score in many rounds.
Every team got to design a T-Shirt of their own as well as pick their own team names. There were some very funny, creative names such as “Flying Narwhals”, “Glass Half Empty”, and “Dumbledore’s Army” in our media center. The Shady Grove teams were “The Order of the Phoenix”- 8th Grade, “Fairy Tail” – 7th Grade, and “Dumbledore’s Army”- 6th Grade, all of which have fun personalities with enthusiasm and good sportsmanship.
All the kids seemed real excited and passionate about what they were doing, not just to win, but to have fun with their friends and read! “The other teams were really focused and they really knew what they were doing so it was fun to compete with people like that” said a member from Fairy Tail. Another member from Fairy Tail also said that “The teams all had good sportsmanship and enthusiasm and it made the competition more fun.”
Before the actual event, the teams were assigned books rather than picking them themselves, and it had a number of reactions. “It was weird to be assigned books but it was interesting.” said one competitor. A Shady Grove participant claimed said “I just wanted to read because I like reading, but since I normally only stick to certain genres, I got to read new things which was pretty cool.” As you can see, book wars gets kids to try new things and helps them figure out what they like to read by providing different genres.
All the students and teams had a fun day in the library with their friends and provided lunch, which was, you guessed it, pizza. There were a various range of things that students liked best about the event. Some kids liked the “lightning rounds” during the competition, others simply liked spending the day working together with their friends, while others were just happy to miss class for the day and play games. One way or another, it is safe to say that no one had a bad time at book wars.
Once the competition was over, the media specialists gave small awards to the teams for things like “Best T-Shirts” or “Best Collaboration “. The team from shady Grove, Fairy Tail, won “Played Nicest”.
Next year, book wars will be held again. Each grade will have their own team of 4-5 people so make sure you are one of the first to sign up!