Saving A Loving Life #1

Linu Parajuli

note : this is a work of fiction



Meeting My New Friend

“Katy, come out to the front, it’s here,” called Dad form his car.

I walked to the front, walked down the sidewalk to meet my new friend my parents really wanted to introduce me to, but they wouldn’t tell me if it was a girl or boy though.

“Dad your back!” I continued “Is it here.”

“*sigh* “Yes it is , now can you help me get it inside the house?”

I more than agreed to help him, in fact I said I would look after it day and night. Dad said that it wouldn’t be healthy especially for my age, but I ignored him regardless. Mom and Sally (my older sister) came to “greet” it. I say it like that because they were standing next to and squishing me till they notice I was hardly breathing.

“Let it breath, it’s just a baby after all!” my Dad screamed, and I agreed with him.

Soon after that, my mom went back to making lunch and my sister to her physics homework. I went to my room and talked to my friends on my phone. Our conversation went something like “Oh, what you have a baby panda now?” and “Let’s get going to the park or we’ll be late!” I don’t really know what that means, but it doesn’t matter to me because it’s finally here!

Girl or Boy?

So I’m assuming you’re wondering what I was talking about. Well, you see my father is a scientist and his team has been asked to take care of a baby panda. The reason why it’s a huge deal is because they’re an endangered species. Since my school is going to be out for a few weeks I’m going to help him take care of it! AND-

“Katy come down. Cece is here!”my mom screamed form the kitchen.


“Will you hurry up?”

“Okay … okay.”

A few seconds later I came downstairs wearing a lilac dress and white shoes that I got for my birthday.

“Ready?” my mom asked


“Great, let’s get going,” commented Cece with a grin on her face. I knew for a FACT that this wasn’t a good thing, but I just ignored it and walked out the door with her. The sun was so bright but I didn’t mind. The warm light made my light jet black hair glow. We got in Miss Pett’s (Cece’s mother) car and she drove us to the park.

till the next chapter 🙂