Survivors – Chapter 2: Nothing more for us here…

Jeffrey Xu and Fletcher Des Rosier

The door finally opened after and few pushes by all 3 of us, the door that shielded us from the radiation and the aftermath of the antimatter blast.

The sun seemed to be smiling at us, a gentle welcoming ray that warmed up my entire body after spending a day in the freezing bunker. I shielded my eyes as I peered outside to behold the chaos that awaited me, not entirely sure what to expect. The chaos and destruction of the antimatter bomb was way too much to comprehend.  The destruction outside was beyond my wildest dreams.

Once tall and glorious buildings leveled to gray foundations, the green, red, and yellow leaved trees, that once formed a welcoming party whenever someone drives up to the outpost completely gone. Even the redwood trees that once towered over all the houses around the former military base were gone, in their place only remained gray rubble and occasionally a sighing tree stump that was the only colors in this depressing scene.

Irvan threw his bandage down on the ground hard. “OH MY GOD, those darn rebels. They better hope I don’t get my hands on them!” Irvan stomped on the rubble and stormed off eastward.

I jogged after Irvan, yelling, “The sun is going down buddy, its probably not wise to walk off alone!”

Irvan just kept walking on and then collapsed on the ground. “Screw you!” he screamed at me. “Don’t try to comfort me, you don’t know my situation at all!”

Irvan just kept walking onward into the purple and orange sunset like a lone wolf that had lost his pack.

After a few minutes, Irvan faded into the distant forest just as the glow of the sun started to dim and the sky and clouds started to turn to a dark purple and a dark blue. Soothing music started to play from the knee high grass, as the warm wind gently touched my cheeks and made the grass all excited similar to concert fans waving in unison as they cheered and showed support for the breeze and little musician’s performance.

I stood there gazing at the distant forest before going back and telling the newcomer that we need to start going. Before we went on our way I took a final look back at the bunker and the hill, then I ran to catch up to the already distant newcomer.