Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee

Julianne Scott and Yilu Xu

Recently, 6th grader Umar Thangavaldi triumphed in the preliminary round of the Spelling Bee and went off to participate in the second round. Here’s the interview we had with him.

Newspaper Club: Was the competition hard?

Umar Thangavaldi: “If you practice no”.

NC: Did you have fun?

UT: “Yes”.

NC: Did you have a rival?

UT: “Yes, his name was Gray”.

NC: What was the hardest word you heard/spelled?

UT: “The word was ‘Prestidigitation’.

NC:What was your winning word in the preliminary round?

UT: “The winning word was ague”.

NC: Did you enjoy participating?

UT: “Yes”.

NC: Did you study at all?

UT: “Yes”.

NC: Were you against any of your friends?

UT: “Nope, not at all”.

NC: Did you WILLINGLY participate? (BE HONEST)

UT: “Yes I was willing to participate”.

NC: Did your friends even care about you winning the school spelling bee?

UT: “Some of my friends”.

NC: In the first round did you think the words the staff gave you were hard?

UT: “Nope not at all”.

NC: Were you happy to win the preliminary round?

UT: “Yes”.

NC: Was there pressure?

UT: “Yes there was a lot of pressure”.

NC: Did you feel a lot of adrenaline?

UT: “Yes, I think”.

NC: Is this your first time doing an spelling bee?

UT: “Nope”.

NC: Did you feel scared?

UT: “Kind of”.

NC: Did you have allies? Did they even exist?

UT: “No”.

NC: Do you think you can win the regional?

UT: “Nope I lost”.

NC: What was the easiest word you got?

UT: “The easiest word I got was alligator”.

NC: Did you like the spelling bee?

UT: “Yes”.

NC: Were your parents really happy that you won the school spelling bee?

UT: “They were really happy”.

NC: Was the spelling bee exciting?

UT: “Yeah”.

NC: Would you recommend people to do the spelling bee next year? Why?

UT: “Yes, because it is fun and exciting”.

NC: When you were spelling one of your words did you almost mess it up?

UT: “Yeah, the word prestidigitation”.