Tale of Flames #6: Flaring Up



Julianne Scott

Flame stuffed the last of her supplies into her sling bag. WHY do we have to LEAVE again? Flame shouted at Sparks in her head.

I have told you close to a million times now, if you yell at me, Shinigami will come knocking… Flame gulped and shut her mental mouth. As for your first question, Sparks continued, we are leaving because this place is not safe. Flame frowned. This is really unnecessary, she thought grumpily at Sparks. I don’t even trust your so-called power of premonition. I don’t need some mystical prophecy to come soaring down and be like, “Hey, this is your future” because I want to choose my own. Flame could practically see the skepticism on Sparks’ fiery face. Nevertheless, he said crisply, you need to go. I’ve seen things that may happen, and trust me, no prophecy is going to come pouring out of me anytime soon. Flame picked up her bag and slung it across her shoulders. Well, NEVERTHELESS, she shot back, I still don’t like it. This has been my home since Oromas found me. Flame sighed. She knew that Oromas wasn’t her real father, but it felt like it.

AGH!!! Sparks suddenly screamed, startling Flame. WHAT?!?! she exclaimed. Stop being oh so sorry for yourself, Sparks moaned. It’s making me want to hurl fiery BARF.

Flame cringed. The thought of Sparks blowing chunks made her want to hurl herself.

She looked back at her home from the doorway, and finally turned away, her heart aching for the life that seemed ages ago.

Flame rooted around in the kitchen cabinet. Oromas never gets any GOOD snacks, she grumbled. She instantly regretted saying that because she felt extremely guilty because he was either dead or being malnourished somewhere, and Sparks’ flame shot up, up, up, until her mind was filled with a raging wildfire. Are you seriously worrying about THAT RIGHT NOW?! Sparks flared as Flame flinched but continued rooting around in the pantry, finally pulling out a few boxes of saltines. She stuffed them into her bag and took her water bottle. She filled it, unsure when she would get her next drink. She then stood in the doorway, looking at her home for the




To be continued 🙂 SUSPENSE