Survivors (A Sequel To The Bunker 15 Story)

Fletcher Des Rosier and Jeffrey Xu

I awoke in a strange place, bright light surrounding me. Was this Heaven? No, it couldn’t be. I’ve done too many horrible things to deserve such an easy pass out of hell. My eyes began to focus and I realized I was just in a room.

“Hello?” I muttered, as I walked towards the only door in the room. Before I was able to open the door, I tripped over something. As I got up, I saw Colonel Irvan, lying there, on the ground. “Oh my god,” I whispered as I carefully stepped over him to reach the door. Suddenly, his body rolled over, revealing a large gash on his forehead.

“H – H- Help me…” he said as he tried to get up.

“Sir?” I said as I knelt down to his level, “What happened to you?”

“No time to explain,” he said as, wincing as he rose off the ground, “help me get this patched up.”

We spent the next few minutes patching our wounds and removing the occasional rock from them.

“So what happened,” I said as I wrapped a bandage around my arm, “where are we?”

“Son” Irvan said as he poured coagulant into his gash, “I have no clue where we are, or if this is actually real.” He packed up the medkit and stuffed it into a bag. “What I do know, is we need to get out of here, and find out what in the world is going on.”

We walked over to the door, passing the familiar number 15 on the wall. The door was locked tight, and the valve to open it was rusted.

“Be prepared for anything, soldier,” Irvan said as he put his hands on the valve. “We don’t have any idea what’s on the other side of this door, the enemy could be waiting for us.” He took a moment to think about what he’d say next. “Are you ready?” he said, the question burning into my mind. I nodded, and put my hands onto the valve.

We slowly, but surely, opened the door. I couldn’t believe what I saw.