Tale of Flames #5: Playing with Fire



Julianne Scott, Storyteller

Flame sank to the damp ground, clutching her orange, red, and yellow braids. Is he dead is he can’t be dead how why he’s not dead not dead not dead! she thought, collapsing to the ground.

She wailed, a high, keening, guttural sound of despair. She could not believe she was seeing what she was seeing.

Flame dizzily started towards the door. Find Oromas tell him dead Sparks, she thought through a haze of grief-riddled thoughts.

She stumbled towards the woven bungalow not far away, tripping over rocks and sticks and her own feet, her dirty, mangled red, orange, and yellow hair out of their braids, framing her face. She pushed open the wooden door











She wailed.

HE’S GONE TOO GONE GONE GONE FOREVER ALONE ALONE ALONE WHY WHY? her brain screamed, folding onto itself. In her mind, alarms blared. Sirens went. off. Her own high-pitched screaming ricocheted off every wall in her brain.

Inadvertently,  she sank to the ground, sobbing. Get up, weakling! Sparks’ voice blared in her head. This is ridiculous. Flame stopped crying and looked up. “Sparks?” she whispered, her voice raspy. Well, of course I’m not STANDING there, Sparks’ voice said, as I have no legs, and now I am merely a spirit.

Flame wanted to stand up and cheer for all Jinsei, goddess of life, did for her. Instead, she reached a hand out, wanting to feel Spark’s comforting warmth, but only felt the cold air of the small cabin. I wonder what he’s doing… she thought, letting her hand drop. For your information, I am currently reading The Daily Cheese, Sparks said. I CAN COMMUNICATE WITH YOU WITH MY MIND???!?!  GASP!!!! she yelled in her mind. ReLAX, Sparks said, swatting her excitement aside. I might sacrifice this ability to Shinigami if  you keep acting like this. At that, Flame shut up. She was not going to see Sparks give his ability to the god of death if she could help it. “Thank Koun,” she whispered. She owed everything to the god of good fortune.

Now, Sparks said, you must pack, because we need to leave again.