Bunker 15

Bunker 15

Jeffery Xu and Fletcher Des Rosier


1 – 4 – XX

23:00 HOURS

It was late at night. We never expected the attack…

I woke up to the raid sirens blaring in my ears. Others were running out the door, heading towards their battle stations.

“What’s going on?” I said as I rolled off my cot. “I thought this base was hidden from the Reformation!”

Colonel Irvan ran up to me and pulled me off the ground, “No time to explain Lieutenant, we gotta get to cover!” We followed the rest of the troops through the base.

“The reformists are attacking the base,” Irvan said as we ran down into the lower levels. “We received Intel that one of the Majors defected from the base. He took all the important Info he could get access to and delivered it to the enemy.” He turned around and began to punch a code into a panel, “Including the position of this base.” He opened, the heavy door, and lead a squadron down into the deepest part of the base. Irvan seemed shocked, and that wasn’t like him. Just then, the automated flak cannons began to fire above us.

“It’s not that big of a deal,” I said as we rounded the corner, “the flak cannons will take them out.”

It doesn’t matter,” he said as he opened a door, “they’re planning to nose dive their best bomber into the base, and it’s carrying an antimatter bomb.” We walked into the room and closed the door behind us. There was a red number 15 on the wall. We were in one of the bunkers, made to resist these antimatter explosions. People saw hope in the fact that our base had these “special” bunkers, but the truth was, no one ever survived an antimatter blast.