Bruno Mars — A Comeback Star!

Bruno Mars — A Comeback Star!

Jenny Nguyen, Journalist

Bruno Mars, American pop artist, has wiped off the entire charts with his new single, “24k Magic” after 2 years! He has also released an album named after that same single. Now, how did this retro-fanatic turn out to be a best selling singer?

Who is He?

Bruno Mars was raised in Honolulu, Hawaii his whole life. However, Bruno shares a very diverse history and ancestry. Being around his family of musicians, it was obvious where he got his talent. Originally, he was born and named Peter Gene Hernandez on October 8, 1985, although received his nickname during childhood times.

His stage name, Bruno, was inspired by brute: confident, independent, and strong-willed.

How his career started

In the early 2000’s, he became a songwriter for other artists, and then in 2010, he broke out as a singer. He instantly boomed with his hit, “Nothin’ On You”, which skyrocketed number 1 on the billboard. After that, he released “Just The Way You Are” several months later.

Being nominated for many Grammy Awards, he unfortunately came back empty-handed, but don’t fret, he still rocked it with a 2012 telecast performance of 1960s-influenced song “Runaway Baby” by James Brown.

Bruno Mars has also said some powerful quotes, and a particular quote talks about how perfection isn’t everything.

“I know I’m not perfect. But at the end of the day, who is?”


In 2012, he married Jessica Caban, American model.

Now we come to 2015, when he collaborated with Mark Ronson, another fantastic musician, with the jam “Uptown Funk!”. That video alone gathered a whopping 2 billion views. In Superbowl of February 2016, Bruno performed during halftime with Beyoncé and Coldplay, fellow pop artists.

At 31 years old, he’s still out there, creating music in Los Angeles.