Mummy Day for 6th Graders

Mummy Day for 6th Graders

Jenny Nguyen, Journalist

Emilie Keene rode a bus to school, along with other excited sixth graders. The 6th graders were excited, frustrated, and even glad that they didn’t have any school work to do. As Emilie Kenne stepped into the school, she headed directly to first  period, and then after 1st period, 2nd period was the time to fix up the mummy she created with her team. Each 6th grader went to their assigned rooms, where each mummy would be displayed and voted on as the best-looking mummy. They ended up fixing up the mummy for nearly all the periods, besides 7th, and later, 7th period arrived. With 7th period, the 6th graders scurried out and displayed their mummies proudly. With her mummy all decorated, she walked around and glanced at the other mummies, deciding which ones looked more like a classic mummy.

Mummy Day

Mummy Day is a day at school, it’s a huge social studies project that 6th grades get the experience to have, learning the history behind the mummy.

“We prepared in a lot of ways, like graphic organizers and stuff,” Amber Wong, fellow 6th grader stated.” We even had to draw the mummy beforehand so we can get a visual idea!”

6th graders had to prepare ahead of time, and eventually they showcased Mummy Day on November 23 for 45 minutes.

Amber Wong had quite the time, along with Emilie Keene as they saw each other’s mummies. Afterwords Amber said, “Mummy Day was an interesting opportunity to learn about mummy design!”

They also had some suggestions for a better mummy, Amber said, “They should add more time.” Emilie agreed, “They should provide some more competitive opportunities.”

Mummy Day was quite a day, and especially a good day to work together.