Tale of Flames #4: Alight



Julianne Scott, Storyteller

Flame stared at the light coming through the doorway. It worked?! she thought wildly, whipping her head around. She couldn’t believe the guard hadn’t tricked her, let alone kill her or deceive her.

Wait, she thought, squinting at the door. It could electrocute me the minute I walk through the door. She glared at the door, thinking about all its secrets it was hiding from her (most likely horribly deathly/morbid/killing/you are dead now, ha-ha secrets).

She cautiously took a step towards the door, then stopped. Smart or stupid? she thought. She knew the door was probably hiding something, but she really, really, really really really, really wanted to get out of the evil fortress-y place.

Flame stepped back, unsure of what to do. She most certainly did NOT want to die, but she most certainly DID want to escape and find Oromas. And Sparks, the fire. She really, really missed Sparks.

She sighed. She knew she didn’t have time for that weakness, but she had it anyways.

Flame took a step back and ran through the door.

She kept running, bracing for the impact… but nothing happened.

She was through.

Flame opened her eyes, looking around her. There was the forest, where she’d been running just a day ago – and she could even make out the corner of Sparks’ stone hut where he lived, far from Flame and Oromas’ place.

She started running towards Sparks’ hut. She couldn’t wait – she was almost home!

“Sparks!” she cried, slamming her palm into the huge stone door chiseled into the forbidding fortress. “Sparks, come out! I’m back!”

She started only knocking, then dropped to her knees. “Sparks?” she asked.

“SPARKS!” she screamed, throwing open the door. She looked around for him. He should have been home –  he was always home, besides the times they raced.

Then her gaze dropped to the singed-grass floor.

She saw wet, dead grass and two dying sparks on the floor.