Why Are Black Fridays Crazy?

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Yilu Xu

There are many reasons why Black Fridays are crazy.
First, many people become heartless because they just care about the things that are on sale. Can’t people be nice for once on Black Fridays?

Second, many people are going to be missing because they are waiting in really long lines to buy things on sale. Seriously, why do people even wait in these really long lines? If it was me I would probably die from being bored.

Third, many people wake up really early in the morning. When I wake up early in the morning, I  can’t wake up and just go back to sleep. Seriously how can you wake up early in the morning and not fall back to sleep?

Fourth, many people run when they are finally let into the building of whatever they are buying. No comment.

Fifth, why in the world do some people yell when they enter? I know they are happy and excited all but do you really need to yell?

Six, why do many people camp out a day early or a few hours before the Black Friday? I know they really want to be first to go in and take everything they what. But do you really need to stay in line for that long? Geez people, ask your selves this, is it really worth it to stay in a long line, by yourself, in the cold, leaving everyone you care about at home?

Seventh, when you enter the Black Friday sale the grown-ups would probably act like immature kids. Anyway, that is pretty much all I have to say about Black Friday.

See you guys later or never.