SGMS Food Drive

Donations for the Manna Food Center


Jenny Nguyen, Journalist

Shady Grove Middle School is starting a food drive, and if you didn’t know about it before, then it’s a good thing to read about it now!

Now, what is the food drive? Well, the food drive, as said by school treasurer, Carlos, is “to help people at the food center”. It’s a donation pool where people donate cans full of food, or other non-perishable food items, to help the people in need.

This food is going to the Manna Food Center, where children, men, and woman all alike are given the food donated. These people don’t have food themselves, which is why Shady Grove has started a food drive. And one thing is, the Manna Food Center is a non-profit organization that relies on donations from the public.

There are also some perks if you donate. Hridayesha, school vice-president, said, “The grade level that gets the most of all will receive music at lunch, and a donut party for the CT who has the most donated.” So really the plan now is to “advertise and help others out who are in need of help”. Listen to the morning and afternoon announcements for more details.

“So far, 8th graders are in the lead with 14 cans, 7th grade has around 9 cans, and 6th grade has 4 cans,” stated Hridayesha. Carlos continued, “altogether, we have 32 items.” This means 8th graders are winning, and they have a chance to listen to music during lunch. However, only 1 grade can be the winner, so with 8th grade in the lead, the other grades ought to be worried, and the other CTs should be worried too! “Mrs. J is winning for CT, Mrs. Reed for 6th grade, and Mrs. Hobbs for 7th,” Carlos said.

The food drive ends on November 18th, this Friday. Not much time, but that means we gotta work, work, work.

Remember to donate!