Strangepocalypse (read at your own risk!!!!!!!)

Jeffrey Xu and Fletcher Des Rosier

No one saw it coming……………

We were all taken by surprise…………………..

I guess we missed the chance to prevent this……………………………….

There were too many casualties…….. Too many losses………………. Just too many……………

It all started on a crisp autumn morning, I had just got up and was preparing to go downstairs to eat breakfast. It was cold, as a day in fall would be when SOMEONE broke the AIR CONDITIONER! I grabbed my jacket before I rushed into the kitchen.

The jacket wasn’t enough, I was shivering like a broken air conditioner. As I walked past the old and not used tiny storage compartment on the side of the stairs. The door creaked, and I froze in place. I slowly turn around to face the darkness before me. With red eyes staring at me

“I am a fierce predator, hear me roar!” said the voice “Meow.”

I burst into tears when the creature let out it’s fearsome cry. “Wow, you’re quite the “ferocious predator,” I said as I tried to hold back the tears. “OK, get out of my closet please,” I said as I stopped laughing and got more serious.

Then I heard thundering footsteps from the closet, the red eyes shine even brighter. I could see white teeth flashing in the darkness.

Then Big Fish Bob jumped out and said “Hi I’m your Senpai.”

“Oh god GET AWAY!” I screamed as I ran into the kitchen. I scrambled around, looking for a weapon to defend myself. I debated on whether I should pick the cleaver or the cutlery, but I settled on the frying pan. “I’ve got a weapon, and I’m not afraid to use it!” I looked down at my so called “weapon” and sighed. “How do I defeat a giant fish with a frying pan?”

Before I could develop a plan, my self-proclaimed “Senpai” came out from around the corner.

Big Fish Bob was gone in a flash, and left a note saying “Call me, maybe.” There was a number at the bottom of the note.

Then Mr. Muffins came out from the stove, “It’s MUFFIN TIIIIIIME!”


And then I woke up, inhaling and exhaling rapidly. “Oh boy, what a dream that was.”