Out In The Open (Part 2)

Fletcher Des Rosier, MemeEnthusiast

We decided to scavenge the wrecked ship. I was more intent on investigating though. The airlock was still intact. We were able to get to the bridge with no problems. I was amazed by the fact that despite the ship being torn in half, everything was in place. Like no one ever came in. Then I looked at the chairs where the crew piloted the ship and saw little clumps of ash. I thought nothing of it and moved along.

We headed toward the cargo hold to see what supplies we could scavenge. The hold was nothing like the bridge. Everything was floating around and there were holes on the side of the ship. Perfect circles. This entire ordeal seemed too intentional, but there aren’t space pirates or anything. We found that each and every crate had been opened and the contents taken except for 3 of them which contained sulfur packets used to light fires for heat. We decided to take them onto our ship, as more heat is always better. Before we left I looked for the escape pod so I could get the medical supplies, but the Pod was gone.