The SGMS Media Center



SGMS Media Center

Emma Cleveland

The media center in our school in a place of studying, work, reading, and book check-out. Media specialists, Mrs. Frashure and Mrs Weidner, run the library together through out the day. Students have the opportunity to spend time in the library to work or study before school, during lunch, and after school; but only book check-out is permitted after school so no one misses their bus! There are books of all kinds, everything from fiction to historical books to graphic novels.

Occasionally, events are are held such as “Blind Date with a Book” or  “March Madness”.

  • Blind Date with a Book is an event that lets students select a mystery book that is wrapped up and they find out what it is after they take off the wrapping paper. After reading the book, students are put into a raffle to win a gift card and they get a piece of candy for reading  a book.
  • March Madness is a book version of the basketball games that occur during march. Vote for a book everyday until one book is crowned.
  • Black-Eyed Susan is also a big event. Students can read books from a certain category and earn prizes and earn even more when they read more books.

There are more events and they are all entertaining and all readers love the activities. “The media center is a good place to go, and one of the only places to go to have some free quiet time to study or read or do work for any class and I love helping out the kids” says Mrs Frashure.

If you don’t like carrying those heavier books, you can also borrow a kindle and read books electronically. Mrs. Frashure also runs an after school activity called “Student Library Advisory Board”. This is where students get to stay after school to help keep the media center in check as well as set up and put together the events in the center as mentioned earlier. But if you want to join, remember to join at the beginning of the year because they stop accepting members about about 2 months after starting up before keeping the first to join. There is a meeting every other Thursday (2nd and 3rd Thursday of the month). Feel free to drop by your school library this year!