Out In The Open

Fletcher Des Rosier, MemelordAnonymous

(Part 1)

Aliens. What a joke. That’s what we thought before Apollo 27. After NASA got it’s new rocket out, they used it every time it landed to fly a new crew out to Mars. This time however, they wanted to go farther. I’d never thought I’d be next in line for a mission so soon. Apparently the next crew that was going went missing. We’d been to the International Space Station and knew what to do for this mission. Apollo was a mission that was only in NASA’s dreams until they found a new fuel made out of Ununpentium that could take ships out to areas past MARS, or in this case, Jupiter.

We’d wondered why they wanted us to fly to a giant ball of gas, but we never asked.The mission was about 2 Months (Ununpentium is quite powerful. It allowed ships to go much faster with less fuel) Once we boarded the rocket, the lights dimmed and a transmission from  the president appeared on the screen, as she gave us a mission briefing. She said the last crew had been sent to Mars in a prototype ship but overshot and floated towards Jupiter. Our mission was to return them. But in reality, I knew they were already gone.

When we arrived at the last point the previous ship had sent a transmission from, we saw a horrifying sight. The ship had been ripped in half. All the cargo was floating around in space, but the drilling rovers and engines were gone. Whatever was going on, it wasn’t normal. I couldn’t imagine what did that to a ship.

(to be continued)