Locker Debate


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Emma Cleveland

There is a debate between whether students should be allowed to visit locker between any classes instead of just before and after school and lunch, or not. Both sides have their reasons, let me explain them both.

Almost all students think they should be able to go to their lockers between classes and they have good reasons behind it. For one thing, if a student has journals for multiple classes, then it would be difficult to carry them all plus their binder (and possibly a lunch box), so they think they should be able to drop of their belongings when not needed. It’s not like students can carry around their backpack for their journals and such, they shouldn’t have to juggle everything. Another reason is that if a student were to forget something in their locker, they are not given the chance to get it. They literally have to wait until class is in session to ask to go to their locker for it. And some teachers don’t let them since they think they should have gotten whatever they need when they had the chance. Well, they forgot and there isn’t much to do about it; now the student won’t be able to do somethings because they aren’t allowed to get their needed belongings! Also, students have to take their gym clothes home every Friday and bring them to school on Monday. But they have to carry the bag of clothes (sometimes they don’t have a bag) through school until they have their gym period or when they can get to their locker (it depends if it is Monday or Friday). “I wish that I could visit my locker before gym on Mondays, then after gym on Fridays. I wouldn’t have to,like, carry my clothes around all day and it would be so much easier. (Not like now.)”-7th grade student (whose identity was asked to be a secret). As a student, I know that we can forget our gym clothes in classrooms; if we could go to our lockers, this can be prevented. Visiting locker more often would surely be beneficial for the people at school.

On the other hand, if students are allowed to go to their lockers it could cause problems. Some students may use their locker as an excuse to hang around the hallways with friends instead of get their things and get to class. This will cause a large increase in “tardy”s which in definitely not good. Another thing is that it helps students prepare for college. In college, students have to travel longer distances to get to class and then they won’t be able to get their stuff then. So it is a good way to prepare for college. Also, having the policy of visiting lockers only certain times a day helps students become more organized in general which is a good life skill to have. “Being organized is very important, and this helps to teach students how to become organized which will be useful for their futures.” said Mrs. Stevenson.

Which argument do you agree with? More locker time, or is the current way of running things good?