Summer is Coming!

SunSummer is right around the corner. To avoid getting stuck with nothing to do, I have created a list of things to entertain you.

For those of you who are sporty and adventurous, this first list is for you!

  • Go exploring
  • Learn how to move on wheels (skateboarding, roller skating, etc.)
  • Learn a new sport
  • Go zip lining with a friend
  • Go hiking/biking
  • Try to break an unusual world record

This next list is for those crafty, creative people out there!

  • Learn how to sew
  • Build a new piece of furniture for your home
  • Invent something small
  • Write a story
  • Up-cycle some clothing
  • Make a chain reaction

Now for a list that should speak to the fun and outgoing people out there.

  • Make a music video
  • Learn improve in acting
  • Throw a party
  • Volunteer
  • Teach others how to do something
  • Play karaoke

This last list just some things that didn’t fit the other lists but should still be included.

  • Read a new book series
  • Host a bake sale
  • Go to this website
  • Prank people
  • Watch stupid films and rate them
  • Listen to music

Sorry if these lists didn’t have any ideas that you wanted to try, but thanks for reading it anyway! But if you found 1 or more appealing ideas, well good for you! Looks like your going to have a fun summer!