The Unforgettables Part 1

You’ll know her when I say her name. She’s the quiet girl who sits in the corner of the classroom. The one who always seems to have her ear buds in, listening to Paramore, or Green Day. You’ll say the customary “Oh, her”s, but after (in about 3 minutes and 54 seconds) she’ll slip out of your mind again.

No one remembers me. That’s how it’s always been. Only 5 people do. Okay, 4 people and a cat. Those four people? They are the only ones like me. The only ones I’ve been able to find. One of them is Electra. One of them is Collin. One of them is Fletcher. And one of them is Emma. I love them. The only real friends I’ve ever had. Me? I’m Dylan. And after 3 minutes and 54 seconds they forget all about me.

They forget me in 32 minutes. Exactly. Fletcher, Dylan, Collin, Emma and the cat are the only ones that don’t. I’m Electra. My name fits me. I have big, scene hair, with hot pink, bright blue, and neon yellow streaks in it. My wardrobe is much the same, with my tight neon pants, All Time Low band tees, and big hair bows. It makes me laugh that people can forget me, with my bright colors and outgoing personality. But of course, I could be like Collin and Dylan and they’d still forget me. It doesn’t matter how you act, it doesn’t even matter if you aren’t human. The cat has it too, after all. If there is only one thing that me, Collin, Dylan, Fletcher, Emma and the cat have in common, it’s that we all have the virus. The virus that makes us disappear.

I ran away when I was 11. That was after I’d caught the virus, that was after I realized that everyone forgot me after 5 minutes and 36 seconds. My mother, brother, and godfather all forgot I was there, forgot I existed after 5 minutes and 36 seconds. Of course, as an 11 year-old boy, I didn’t know that. I just thought they suddenly all hated me. My teachers, classmates, would all forget me. “Collin? Who’s Collin?” It got to me, and I ran. I lived in a homeless shelter for a bit, sneaking in and out to go explore the city. It was on one of those solo exploring trips that I meet Dylan. She was with a bubbly, energetic, girl, who had pink, blue and bright green hair, and the orange cat around her ankles. Dylan herself had her locks dyed a deep blue, and the first reason I approached her was because of her Fall Out Boy band tee. Ever scene I’ve stuck with Dylan and the bubbly girl, who was Electra, because they were probably the only real company I’d had since I was 11. I’m 18 now. I’ve been with them 6 years counting. During which we’ve found Fletcher, Emma, and a new definition of family.

It takes longer to forget me. Longer than Electra, longer than Dylan, longer than Collin. Even longer than Emma. It takes them 4 hours and 24 minutes to forget me. Fletcher. I caught it when I was 14, on a hiking trip. It took me a little bit to realize that they forgot me. After all, 4 hours and 24 minutes is a long time. I noticed one day when I was 15. I was sitting in a park, drinking coffee when I noticed a boy, who looked about my age, following me. This boy was Collin. I met him, which lead me to Dylan, Electra, Emma, and the cat. Me and Dylan are the same age, both 17. Electra’s the youngest, only 15 (and three quarters!). Collin is 18, and Emma is 19. We don’t know how old the cat is. There are a lot of things we don’t know. We don’t know how Dylan came to be, where she came from, who her parents were. She doesn’t even know.

My favorite place to shop is the thrift store. I love the oddities you can find, anything from an old birdcage to a yard of clean, cotton fabric. No one else really likes thrifting as much as me. Dylan and Collin will sit through it if I beg, but Electra and Fletcher? Forget about it. Thrift stores aren’t “fun” enough for Electra, and Fletcher can’t go 3 minutes without saying something sarcastic, which isn’t helpful when you’re thrifting, which can take hours. Dylan affectionately calls me the “old soul” of the group, with my quirky sense of style and my old rock music. Electra and Fletcher call me boring, Electra, with her Pierce the Veil and All Time Low, Fletcher with his weird video game music. Dylan and Collin’s tastes are bearable, with their emo-core bands, like Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Panic! at the Disco, Green Day, Paramore, and Blink-182. But at the end of the day, I still love my “old soul” music. I’m Emma, by the way. It takes them 1 hour and 46 minutes to forget me.

You won’t know me when I say my name, because I can’t talk.  I’m the slinky, orange cat, never in the same place for longer than 5 minutes. The cat that everyone forgets in 6 minutes and 28 seconds.  Dylan found me, 6 years and 8 months ago, and a few months after, maybe 2, we found Electra, who was in a large group of friends, who had left her behind in the movie theater. We found Collin 6 months after, at a local band’s show. He had approached Dylan because of her band tee. Emma was next, we found her at a thrift store when someone went in the back to find something of her and completely forgot she existed.  Fletcher was next, when Collin noticed he had the same faint scars behind his ear as the rest of us have (yes, even me). And that’s how we came to be. Our little squad of disappearance. The Unforgettables.