How Not to be a Jerk

How Not to be a Jerk

So. I’ve started to notice that many people are complete and utter jerks. So…….I’m here to teach you how NOT  to be like that.

Step 1) Maybe consider shutting up about some things. You know what I mean, try not to criticize every little flaw you see in everything. Now, you, good reader, are probably not at the jerky-ness level to actually say these things in front of the person being criticized, buuuuutttttt you probably have, at least once, gossiped about someone behind their back. Now, I’m not telling you to quit talking about other people altogether, but please try to make sure that your whole conversation doesn’t revolve around that stupid dress Amy was wearing in English class or whatever.

Step 2) The little things matter! Even the simplest things, like a smile in the hallway, or an “I love your hair today!” can make someone’s day. Remember that.

Step 3) Develop a passion. This should be easy, because almost everyone has something they are passionate about. Be it movies, music, sports, arts, drama, a certain subculture (Bronie, emo, scene), books, that’s all an easy way to be less of a jerk and more likable. If you have a certain something that you could talk about for hours given the time, then that’s a passion. Why this makes you less of a jerk? Well, having something your passionate about increases your creativity, and likability, as it gives you a lot of things in common with others, helping you make new friends and be less of a jerk!

Step 4) Be mature. I DON’T mean act super serious all the time and never have a good time, I mean, try to communicate effectively. Don’t shut people out, if you have a problem with someone, tell them up front, and be open for compromise. Sometimes the easiest way to deal with a problem is to just ignore the problem, but you know what, that’s a very jerky thing to do, because sooner or later you’re going to have to deal with that problem that you’ve been ignoring.

Step 5)Say please and thank you. Seriously. It’s not that hard. Just remember to not only say thank you to your parents, friends, or teachers, but also be polite to store clerks, waiters, and public transport drivers. Bottom line, be polite to everyone unless they’re a jerk.

Step 6)JUST BE NICE!!!!!! Seriously. JUST BE NICE! Don’t pick on people, and, well, don’t be a jerk.

There. 6 steps to not be a jerk. And gosh knows we could use less of those.