Daughter of Smoke and Bone Series Review


Eva Kung-Bi

Daughter of Smoke and Bone
is an epic fantasy series about angels, devils, forbidden love, other worlds, epic battles and blue hair.

*Disclaimer!!! This isn’t going to be any normal book review, as I know from experience that jumping into this epic series without any idea of the plot is sooooo much better than reading a summary (these books are just so complex that summaries tend to be misleading and don’t do the books justice).  So, I’m mostly going to talk about the style the books are written in and the genre :). If you would like a summary though, I will link the Goodreads page here.*

*Disclaimer #2!!! These are just my opinions, feel free to feel whatever you want, these aren’t set in stone*

Ok, that said, let’s get on with this.

The first thing I’d like to talk about is Laini Taylor’s beautiful writing style. Much like Marisa Meyer’s, or Sarah J Mass’ writing style, Laini Taylor is an expert at intertwining different points of view around the same story. Unlike them though, Laini writes in such a unique way, exploring everyone’s perspectives, even extra side characters. She can also shift her writing style to each character’s personality, so you feel as though you are in their head to such an extent that as the point of view’s (POV) change, you can tell whose head you’re in even with out reading names. All of the POVs weave together the same story so well, and you get about 12 different points of view throughout the whole story.

Ok, moving right along to the second point. This book is most commonly known as a fantasy young adult novel. This is pretty accurate, but the series is so complex and so unique, that I think defining it to a set category is unfair. I was getting some Mortal Instruments vibes from Daughter of Smoke and Bone and Days of Blood and Starlight, but I can’t really compare it to anything else I’ve read. Dreams of Gods and Monsters was so unique and………compelling, with twists and turns and devastating plot points and unexpected love and new wonderful characters and fabulousness. If you’re really into paranormal fantasy, with some dark elements, a lot of fantasy, and some MAJOR cliff hangers, then the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series is for you.