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  • Geography Bee

    Geography Bee

    February 1, 2018

    What is it? The geography bee is a contest for kids to see how much they know about geography. This is sponsored by national geographic. This contest was to inspire children all over the world. How long has the school been doing this? The school has been doing this for seventeen years, despite the fact we...

    2018 Geography Bee Winners

  • Black History Month

    Black History Month

    SGMS Timberwolf Times

    February 1, 2018

    On this day February 21 in African American History: 1940 - Civil right leader and US congress the honorable John Lewis was born. On this day February 20 in African American History: 1895 - Death of Frederick Douglass. Douglass was the leading black spokesman for almost 50 years. He was a...

    John Lewis

  • Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr.: Behind The Scenes

    Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr.: Behind The Scenes

    Nora Rudmann

    January 3, 2018

    Ever wondered how this fall’s musical, “Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr.” was put together? Well, look no further for the inside scoop of this year’s show. Auditions were held in October, and almost thirty students were cast, with six principles (main roles), a dance ensemble, and a regular ense...

    12/1/2017 - 20171201_SGMS School House Rock, ©2017 Jacqui South Photography

  • SSL Hours

    SSL Hours


    April 27, 2017

    Shady Grove students can learn about how to get SSL hours by watching this video from Mrs. Frashure. Minimum of 75 hours to graduate from MCPS (Montgomery County Public Schools) high schools For more information check out the SSL bulletin board in the cafeteria!...

    SSL Video

  • The SGMS Media Center

    The SGMS Media Center

    Emma Cleveland

    March 28, 2017

    The media center in our school in a place of studying, work, reading, and book check-out. Media specialists, Mrs. Frashure and Mrs Weidner, run the library together through out the day. Students have the opportunity to spend time in the library to work or study before school, during lunch, and after scho...

    SGMS Media Center


Random Facts

Week 2:

Did you know that with out a pinky, you would lose about 50% of your hand strength?

Week 1:

Did you know that there are three types of tears?

Emotional/ Psychic tears – These tears are caused by extreme emotions.

Basal tears – These help keep dust out of your eyes (with the help of the eyebrows).

Reflex tears – These help clean and protect your eyes.

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